Disclaimer: It should be noted that J.C. Trident does not independently verify the information provided by the candidates submitted to include the information submitted on their resumes.

Due to recent litigation in the Search Industry, J.C. Trident does not conduct background investigations and prefers not to conduct reference checks (we will only conduct reference checks upon request). We highly recommend utilizing a company that specializes in such activities to ensure that all current labor laws, credit reporting regulations and privacy rules are followed precisely.

IS There a Sector you are looking to grow?

J.C. Trident entered the Investment Banking recruitment arena in 1999. Since then, we have worked with firms of all sizes from small Regional Boutiques up to multinational Investment Banks with a team in excess of one thousand bankers. Our goal is to help your team maximize their potential, and realize your vision for what you want your team to be. Traditionally our searches fall into the following areas.

  • A firm has an open position on their team. Whether that be due to someone recently leaving the firm or expansion.
  • A firm needs to discreetly replace a low performing member of their team.
  • A firm does not have an immediate opening, but they are open to looking at a candidate that can take their firm to the the next level.

Our lead recruiter for the Investment Banking space, Daniel Baccarini II, will partner up with your firm to find the right candidate to help you accomplish your firm goals.   

J.C. Trident & INvestment Banking recruiting


We work with firms of all sizes across the country. Our smallest clients are Regional Boutiques with a team of 3-4 bankers. The largest clients that we work with are Middle Market Investment Banks with international offices. 

The size of the firm is not important to us, but what matters is a firm that is committed to improving their team.


Daniel will speak with the hiring authority at your firm to first determine the state of your firm and company needs. This conversation will also help to gain insight into what your ideal banker looks like. After, we will formulate a plan specific to your firm to identify the top candidates that would be a good fit for your company. This plan will take into account factors such as:

  • Past Recruitment Efforts
  • Desired Experience Level
  • Desired Deal History
  • And many more


J.C. Trident focuses their Investment Banking recruitment efforts across all levels of Investment Bankers including:

  • Lower Level Bankers (Experienced Analysts and Associates)
  • Mid-Level Bankers (Vice Presidents, Principals, Directors)
  • Senior Level Bankers (Managing Directors and Partners)

We understand some clients are looking to immediately improve a sector of their business in a more comprehensive manner. Therefore, we also offer our services to help identify a team for you to bring on board in a full team lift-out scenario. 

We recruit across all sectors including but not limited to:

  • Technology, Media, Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Energy
  • Consumer

Let us leverage our extensive personal and professional networks to find the perfect candidate for your team.