"I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about the future growth of their firm."

I recently had the opportunity to work with J.C.Trident, Inc. I can tell you that they were quick to grasp our needs, was able to present a number of highly qualified candidates, understood our urgency and was very professional to deal with. I would not hesitate to use J.C. Trident again should the need arise and I feel comfortable recommending him to you.

Blake Goldring
AGF Funds

I have worked with Dan Baccarini for a number of years. I would consider him a business partner for the following reasons:

1. He took the time to know our business and positioning.
2. He will work seven days a week to meet our objective.
3. He revised our practices to ensure success.
4. He served as an organization champion with current and prospective employees.

The relationship with Dan is way beyond that of a vendor and functions like a dependable colleague.

Bob Boulware
ING Mutual Fund

Having worked with J.C. Trident for many years, I would strongly recommend utilizing their services from a corporate and individual perspective. They are extremely well known, knowledgeable and respected in the financial services area. They continue to do an excellent job in all aspects of recruiting high quality individuals and continually advising us in regarding the selection process.

Jerry Boucher

National Sales Manager

​Paladin Real Estate

Dear Dan,

It has been a pleasure working with you over the past year and a half.  I have never worked with a consultant who has been so available and so willing to help, on and off the clock. Your advice has been invaluable in helping us build a professional sales team. We've implemented many of your suggestions and I continue to feel that your insight and guidance will be assisting us in shaping our sales effort for many years to come.

We have been very pleased with your search services as well. We couldn't be more satisfied with our most recent hire under your guidance.

So, many thanks and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Helen Hamada
Managing Director
Miller Howard Investments, Inc.

Past clients


Here is a partial listing of clients that J.C. Trident has worked with over the years:

  • Accessor Capital Management – Mutual Funds
  • AEGON – Variable Annuities
  • AGF – Oldest Mutual Fund Company in Canada
  • AIG – Fee Based Platform
  • Alesco Advisors - Asset Allocation
  • Allianz - Variable Annuities
  • American Skandia - Variable Annuities
  • APX Energy - Oil and Gas
  • Bear Stearns - Mutual Funds
  • ​Beacon Capital Management - ETF Strategist
  • BIC Group - Mutual Funds
  • Bluerock Real Estate - REIT's
  • Clark Capital Management - Managed Accounts
  • Deutsche Bank - Investment Bank
  • Efficient Market Portfolios - ETF Strategist
  • Evergreen Mutual Funds - Mutual Funds
  • Funds Distributor - Mutual Funds
  • Gemini Real Estate - 1031's and LP's
  • Geneos Wealth Management - Fee Based/TAMPs
  • Genworth - Variable Annuities
  • Hotchkis and Wiley - Mutual Funds
  • Hughes Capital Management - Fixed Income
  • IDEX Mutual Funds - Mutual Funds
  • ING Mutual Funds - Mutual Funds
  • Integrity Mutual Funds - Mutual Funds
  • Leerink Swan - Investment Bank
  • Lockwood - Managed Accounts
  • Matrix Capital Markets - Investment Bank
  • Mesirow Financial - Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Miller Howard Investments - Separate Accounts
  • Munder Capital Management - Mutual Funds
  • NorthTrack Funds - Mutual Funds
  • Paladin Real Estate - REIT's
  • Pilgrim America - Mutual Funds
  • Prudential - Estate Planning Consultants
  • Rochdale Investments - Separate Accounts
  • Seascape Capital - Separate Accounts 
  • Security Benefit Life - Variable Annuities and Mutual Funds
  • Select Capital - Oil and Gas
  • Sun Life of Canada - Variable Annuities
  • Tactical Allocation Group - ETF Strategist
  • TD Ameritrade - Fee Based/Custody Platform
  • TransAmerica - Variable Annuities and Mutual Funds
  • Triton Pacific - Private Equity
  • TSG Real Estate - 1031's and LP's
  • US Advisors - 1031's
  • US Trust - Mutual Funds
  • Van Kampen American Capital - Mutual Funds
  • Walton International - Real Estate LLC's
  • Wellesley Investment Advisors - Mutual Funds

JC Trident has done everything they promised within the time frames discussed. In addition they have consulted us in our search to build a distribution network. Their experience and knowledge of the industry, not to mention their broad range of contacts, make working with them a pleasure. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is serious about the future growth of their firm.

Jim McCarthy
Seascape Capital

Dan Baccarini's organization enabled our US operation to fill our sales team with very high quality seasoned individuals. The process was professional and diligent. Dan Baccarini's knowledge of the industry and its players was amazing to say the least. As we grow our company, JC Trident will continue to be our partner.

Dennis Planidin
VP US Operations
Walton International